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A writer's blog.

28 June 1976
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This is the page I post my creative writing efforts. A lot of what I post here is sort of fanfic'ish. Though I don't use other people characters, I use their settings. By this I mean, I'd never write a Harry Potter Fanfic with Harry and Ron and Malfoy, though I might write one in that world using my own characters. Also, I kind of roleplay a lot, (This is like saying Iggy Pop injected a lot of heroin,) so much of my writing is set in existing RPG worlds, such as Star Wars, or Everquest, or Werewolf: The Forsaken. Though there are original works here as well. I write because I like to write. I like to show my works to other people, and I like to bask in the glow of their adoration (or not, on a case by case basis of course.) I like to write about anything interesting, luckily I only write about interesting things (according to me, and no one else matters.)

I'm thirty-three years old as of this writing, married, with a ten year old male spawnling.

My Roleplaying endeavors are documented on my other LJ, Shadows of my mind. There you can find transcripts, graphics and stuff useful if you are a roleplayer, or just interested in reading script like transcripts of dialouge (some of which is even mildly entertaining.) Also, I host a wiki for my gaming crew(s) that you can find at Shadowlandbbs.net which is my actual hosted website.

I also almost always participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and am doing so again this year (2009).